Curiosity Live Stream

Created by Joshua Berenhaus

This website takes the most recent pictures from each camera of the MSL (Mars Science Lab) and displays them. Click on the picture for the full resolution picture!
In case of a tie, we take a combination of JPG size (larger for more colors due to the JPG compression algorithm), image size, time taken on Mars, time sent, and a number of other factors to display the most interesting picture.
Please send all feature requests to You can see a list of upcoming features here
The most recent Sol (or Martian Day) that Curiosity has been active is 2918
Chem Cam
Sol 2916
Front Hazcam
Sol 2918
Rear Hazcam
Sol 2918
Nav Cam
Sol 2916
Left Mastcam
Sol 2915
Right Mastcam
Sol 2916
Sol 2909
Sol 2903